Animated, data-driven broadcast graphics for sports and events production.

Jan Starzak

I am a broadcast graphics designer – I create fully animated lower thirds, score bugs, over-the-shoulder graphics for live production. In the past 6 years I have finished over 80 projects, using more than 250 interactive, data-driven graphics, integrating information from multiple sources.

I have also published many Open-Source broadcast software tools, that are being used across Europe, also as part of channel identifications running 24 hours a day.

I have completed projects for independent webcasting and TV production companies as well as regional and national-level broadcasters.


Broadcast Graphics

I can create my own designs or implement designs by someone else.

Software platform

I build my solutions on CasparCG - a stable, open-source video server by SVT - the Swedish public broadcaster.

Software programming

I use HTML5/JavaScript, Visual C# and Flash/ActionScript to create the graphics package.

Broadcast graphics operator for hire
Graphics operator

I am also available as a broadcast graphics operator.

Broadcast, broadcast graphics, control application

Combining my knowledge of programming with an experience in broadcasting allows me to create uniquely user-friendly solutions. Each and every graphics package is a bespoke creation, made to fit a particular client and their production requirements.

By using standard, open-source components, I create living solutions, that do not box you into a particular vendor, and allow a long product life. CasparCG has a vibrant community of designers, operators and developers, that is more than eager to help any newcomers.

Using an open-source project, you can be certain that any hardware availability changes or new standards will either be upgraded to by the community, or you can simply hire a programmer to add any functionality you may need yourself. This is why CasparCG was acutally the first broadcast video server to support 4K – way before any of the commercial solutions cought up.

I don't just set my sights on CasparCG - I also have experience with NodeCG (Open Broadcasting Software), vMix and Chyron Lyric graphics engines.


Contact information
Jan Starzak
Lodz, Poland
P: +48 661 223 901
[email protected]
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