Social Plug-in Demo Video

Social Media integration for broadcast production does not need to be hard, and neither does it need to be expensive. Social Media in on-air graphics is now all the buzz. That's true for elections, sporting events, cultural events and red-carpets. Unfortunately most systems available on the market are really expensive: VizRT Social TV plug-in,, etc. To make matters worse, creating on-air templates for them is complicated and requires specialist knowledge - and even then, getting them to support emojis and photos is next to impossible.

That's what makes Social Plug-in great: it can be deployed quickly, the templates are HTML-based and is economically priced! It supports multiple networks out of the box and, thanks to the Autograf platform, it can drive almost any template and use case that you want: a wall of tweets, polls, contests, photos - you name it!

If you would like to learn more about the Social Plug-in or the Autograf platform - please contact me for a private demo.