2016 in review

Wow, 2016 has passed quickly. Now, some say it hadn't passed quickly enough - looking back, I have to say, this has been one busy year professionally. I would like to show off what I've done through the year - at least the stuff I can talk about.

First and foremost I have to thank my friends from the very successful transmisjelive production company for this very productive year. In 2016, we have produced many hours of great television with informative and good-looking graphics: starting with 2016 Basketball Polish Cup, where I had the pleasure to build a solid implementation of league graphics for CasparCG and help out with some technical issues regarding the uplink to broadcasters' MCR.

Later, I had the privilege to build volleyball, drifting and football graphics to help them produce top-of-the-live TV and web streaming content.

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Then, as the summer ended I had the opportunity to be the EIC for the 2016 "Chopin and His Europe" festival webcasts and broadcasts that transmisjelive produced for National Chopin Institute. This was particularly interesting since a couple of our productions were broadcast live to TVP Kultura, a nation-wide public television channel, dedicated to arts and cultural programming.

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With autumn in full swing, we've moved onto sports, with a very interesting season of broadcasts produced for Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej, which included coverage of national junior football teams, women's football and a coverage of second national football league. All of this, using my Football Client and implementation of the graphics package.

Poland - Belarus, Women's friendly match

In the mean time, I've also enjoyed taking part in the OSPPT Yapa 2016 festival - this has been my 15th year of taking part in this very unique event. It allowed me to experiment with Social Media graphics and give back to the community that helped me to get my start in broadcasting.

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As the year drew to a close, transmisjelive trusted me with being EIC on their project providing Outside Broadcast facilities to the new nation-wide broadcaster's - Metro panel show: P.I.W.O.

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And just as the year had ended, I had the pleasure to work with a new company: MPTV.PL. For three days I ran a custom-built controller and graphics package for the CEV U-19 European Championship eliminations.

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Alltogether, I'm really proud of my work throughout 2016, and I'm looking forward to new projects in 2017.